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Time to check-in with yourself / CIPSRT

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Our lives are extremely busy. Between work expectations, workload demands and pressures, personal commitments and other family/ health issues, when do you ever take a moment to check-in with yourself? Let us guess, very rarely, perhaps never in some case.

Body scans are very helpful when something feels off. Knowing your body and being able to recognize where the tensions are and where they are causing you harm is a proactive approach towards a good mental health.

A healthy brain comes with a healthy lifestyle. Proper exercise and regular “me time” will allow you to disconnect and to recharge.

The Canadian Institute of Public Safety Research and Treatment have a great self-assessment tool to check in with yourself. We encourage you to take a moment to complete and see how you are doing. See the link below.

After completing the assessment, if you need to consult with a mental health professional, please see the link on the CIPSRT Web page at the beginning of the assessment.

Thank you for taking the time to check-in on yourself.

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