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Four-Week Wellness Program

Welcome to The Haven Mental Wellness Centre, where it’s all about you. As a First Responder/Public Safety Personnel/Military and/or Family Member, your world revolves around serving others in their time of need. Now, it is your turn. Join our family on an exciting, peaceful, leading-edge journey of ongoing mental wellness that is peer-led and always in a natural oasis

Support an ongoing mental wellness journey through evidence-based clinical experiences, and a residential-online hybrid model. Once you begin your journey with The Haven, you are family for life.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Always peer-led

  • Small cohorts of six or less 

  • Exclusive to PSP/Military

  • Explores and supports clinical components in areas relative to today’s mental wellness challenges

  • Emphasis on integration and reintegration

  • Biopsychosocial approach through biometrics, equine-assisted psychotherapy and reintegrative components all peer-led

The hybrid 4-week program allows for the power of in-person and the opportunity for many with the supportive online/reintegrative for those who cannot be away for nine weeks

Support and Resources

  • Clinical support throughout

  • Peer support throughout

  • Experiential equine opportunties

  • Supportive material and resources

  • Network building

Interested? See below to register interest now!

4-Week Program Interest
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