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Another day goes by...

How many times do we need to say this? It's 2021, Mental Health should be the Top Priority for Emergency Services, including frontline workers. Oh, let's not forget our retirees, they also need to have paid access to mental health care. They've dedicated their lives to serving their communities, sacrificed so much, we simply owe them that service.

Why is there such a divide amongst various organizations across Canada?

Offering limited access or no access to mental health care to your employees is simply not acceptable. First Responders and Uniform personnel SHOULD NOT be paying out of pocket to access the care they need, the care and attention they deserve. Organizations need to acknowledge that their members are suffering, they are hurt because of the type of work they do, serving Canadians in many different fields. These invisible wounds are known as OSI - Operational Stress Injury, a big word unfortunately still misunderstood by many.

I am baffled to see another RCMP officer stepping down from the Force due to the lack of acknowledgment, desire to help. It breaks my heart to hear these stories, it shouldn't come to this... Something has to change.

Our heroes need more options when it comes to their mental health. Being told where to go for inpatient therapy, waiting months for approval to receive treatments is NOT ok!

Help us to become another option for anyone serving in uniform across Canada. The Haven will be unique, services will be offered in both official languages. Together, we can be the change. Spread the word.

Now, take a moment to view this CTV news report how the RCMP, our very own National Police Force has failed S/Sgt. Pound.... shameful in my opinion...

Best of luck to you S/Sgt. Pound in your recovery.

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