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The Haven Founder's Statement

The Reason Behind The Need 

Hi my name is Michelle Vincent, Founder and Lead Director of The Haven. I am a retired, 18 year York Regional Police Veteran and more importantly skilled in and extremely passionate about mental health in our First Responders, Public Safety Personnel and Military. Our objective at The Haven is to support our First Responders, Public Safety Personnel and Military in working through their addictions and/or mental health issues such as Depression, Anxiety and/or PTSD through evidence-based, medically supervised treatment and returning to their families, organizations (if they choose) and communities whole and well. I would love to share with you, how The Haven will aspire to accomplish this long-desired goal of supporting leading-edge, occupational-specific inpatient treatment exclusively to our First Responders, Public Safety Personnel, Military and their families.

This medically supervised treatment oasis is held on 50+ tranquil acres of beautifully treed property in a rural area, surrounded by natural gifts such as a rock labyrinth, a home-like setting and peaceful gardens. It is in a setting that includes horses that you will be invited to develop a personal relationship with as you care for and receive care from in a therapeutically lead environment. The Reintegration After Critical Incident and Long-Term Leave Program which is Edmonton Police’s outstanding, evidence-based program is a large part of treatment with us at The Haven. You may have successfully completed a stay with us however we will be with you on your journey as you reintegrate into your family, organization and community with your skill set!


The Haven will be your family for your chosen period of time, all the while making it financially affordable. How do we propose to make it financially affordable you might ask? We have created a three-tiered model whereby we receive funding from the government, private/corporate sponsorships and our favourite, from organizational associations through a $10 donation every pay for unlimited use of this oasis. We aspire to greatly reduce wait times and the need for funding for the client traditionally experienced.


The Haven aspires to reduce suicide and other mental health deaths and issues amongst First Responders, Public Safety Personnel, Military and their families., as well as reduce organizational liability that is often incurred as a result of mental health issues coming out on the job. We aspire to reduce costs provincially and nationally of physical and mental health care exclusive to this population through prevention, quick access and in-depth reintegration programming that follows the client long after their stay with us.


Our greatest strength and asset is our desire to continue and develop ongoing partnerships with other outstanding, leading-edge mental health organizations/resources. This will ensure gaps in this type of care, with the occupational specificity are upheld, forever growing and supporting the reintegration of our First Responders, Public Safety Personnel, Military and their families.

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