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About Us

The Haven is a Peer-led mental wellness charitable organization supporting Public Safety Personnel (PSP), Military Members and their Families. At The Haven, our unwavering mission is to cultivate community through connection and empower the well-being of Public Safety Personnel, Military Members and their Families. We achieve this intention through innovative, personalized, clinical and holistic mental health care, fostering a “haven” based on trust, compassion and support.

Helping Those Who Help Us

Our Philosophy

Helping Those Who Help Us

Lake at Dusk

Unique Features

While The Haven shares a common goal of providing specialized mental health support for Public Safety Personnel, Military Members and their Families, it possesses unique features and attributes that set it apart from others. These distinctive features contribute to The Haven's mission of enhancing the mental health and well-being of Public Safety Personnel, Military Members, and their Families, setting it apart as a comprehensive, structured, collaborative and supportive partner in mental health care.


Peer Support

The Peer-led programs foster community and a sense of belonging among participants creating an opportunity for lifetime collaboration with peers.


Trust and Change

Trust, inspiration, community connection, & empathetic listening are integrated in our programming, as well as the opportunity to explore paradigm shifts.


The Haven offers an 8-week online program covering various mental health and well-being aspects, all through a reintegrative lens of connection.

Comprehensive Programming



The program follows a structured curriculum with clear objectives and a well-defined schedule, ensuring ensuring systematic and guided participant experience.



The online format component makes our program accessible to a broader audience, addressing potential geographic or scheduling constraints. 



Psychological and Physiological concepts are addressed in connection to one another providing connected and interdependent approach to mental health and well-being.


Continued support

Beyond the 8-week program, The Haven provides ongoing support and resources for participants' reintegration and long-term well-being for a life-long connection opportunity.



The program allows participants to tailor their goals and objectives, ensuring personalization to meet unique needs.

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