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Online Program

For Family Members

JOIN US on a transformative, connecting journey enriching mental wellness and personal growth with The Haven's immersive 8-week online program! Tailored to and exclusively for the Family of Public Safety Personnel (PSP) and Military, this comprehensive—100% online—program is designed to explore the unique experiences as family of PSP/Military, as well as organizational and operational challenges/stressors faced on a daily basis as Family. Support your mental wellness and personal growth through evidence-based experiences in a flexible online format. Once you begin your journey with The Haven, you are family for life.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Flexible Learning: Convenient remote access from anywhere.

  • Thematic Exploration: Weekly themes for deep learning, connection, and engagement.

  • Peer-Led Dynamics: Bi-weekly scheduled peer meetings for collaboration in a supportive learning environment.

  • Guided Taught Sessions: Interactive sessions led by experienced peers from The Haven.

  • Evidence-Based and Holistic Fusion: Blending evidence-based methods with holistic practices.

  • Reflective Integration Weeks: Dedicated periods for self-awareness, connection, engagement, and reflection.

  • Accessible Online Platform: Video modules with captions for inclusive engagement.

Program Details

The 8-week program offers remote access with a specialized online format focused on connection, trust, and peer engagement.

Support and Resources

  • Peer support throughout the program.

  • Understanding the dynamics of PSP/Military Family.

  • Developing wellness and interpersonal tools/resources.

  • Providing supportive materials and resources.

  • Community building through connection, collaboration, awareness, and trust.


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