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I am at a loss for words to say the least.

If this is what is needed to change our National Police (RCMP) vision on mental health, then let's hope that many more will join this movement. Members SHOULD NOT have to go this far to be heard and be treated as human beings in order to get the help they need to deal with OSI's CAUSED by their line of work.

The RCMP owes it to them. Although it is ultimately the employee's responsibility to ensure or look after their own mental wellness, the employer MUST do its part and provide the support/services required/recommended by a mental health specialist for their employees.

In many Provinces, Municipal and Provincial Agencies have been proactive in regards to mental health care. Some emergency services are more engaged than others, but in the end they are looking after the well-being of their employees. Some will say that it is not enough, but it is a step in the right direction.

While many independent peer support organizations are available to anyone, this should not be a get out jail free card for any employer.

When 3 OPP members took their own lives in 2018, everyone paid attention. The media was all over this, interviewing members, widowed wives of fallen members and OPP Command. The OPP has since revamped their wellness program, which is still currently being worked on.

3 RCMP members recently killed themselves, what is being done about it? Why are we quiet about this? This silence must stop. It is time to ACT, be proactive, care for your people, you can make a difference.

We have lost too many precious souls, we cannot handle trauma like we handled it 25-30 years ago. Policing changes/evolves every year, so should our perception on mental health awareness and treatment. The "SUCK-IT UP" approach is long gone....

Frontline members are held to the highest level of scrutiny, so how is it accepted that the RCMP treats their members in such a manner?

We, at The Haven, are working tirelessly to fill the gaps in mental health services currently being offered. We will continue the great work done by many peer support groups taking in those requiring an "inpatient" therapy. We are all in this together.

Frontline & Uniform Personnel put their lives on the line to ensure everyone's safety and peace. They and their families pay the price for the sacrifices they make for Canadians.

Let's do our part to care for them, that's the least we can do!

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